FREE – My Award-Winning Book on Kindle – Mother’s Day Launch

Front Cover V3 3D sigIt has been a while coming as we had to finalise the Australian publishing for the book. It is now sorted and every good bookstore should be able to order it in! To launch the book in Australia, this weekend for Mother’s Day, we are going to make it free on Amazon Kindle – just for two days. While it can only be downloaded for free over this period it can then be read anytime -not bad given that the paperback will cost you $24.95.

What’s the catch?

Okay, there is a catch. After reading the book I would like you to put an honest review up on Amazon. It doesn’t have to be all-glowing and gushing – indeed the more balanced and thoughtful the better.

Watch your inbox and I will let you know when the free period begins. If you haven’t subscribed to this site already, to get the reminder, or if you want to suggest a friend subscribes, do so now (see the box in the right hand column).

Don’t Have a Kindle?

That’s okay, you can read Kindle books on your iPhone/Smartphone, iPad/tablet or computer click here for the link to download the reader and then, if you haven’t already, open a free account with Amazon.

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