My Book – Free for Easter – Healthier than cheap choc eggs!

Front Cover V3 3D sigFree for this Easter only (until Tuesday), to add to your reading adventures, escape to the magical Mont St Michel in the award-winning “The Way of The Quest” – free for download on Kindle – 

The last time I did this “The Way of The Quest” made it to #2 in the Metaphysical Genre and #5 in the Motivational Genre (just beating, much to my glee, Ellen DeGeneres latest book) on Amazon’s international best seller lists.

For those of you who don’t know, this ‘self-help’ novel was written to pick up from where Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist” left off. It is for readers wanting to understand the ‘how to’ of working out one’s meaning and purpose in life; of asking better questions and of managing the fear that holds us back from reaching our true potential.

The Way of The Quest has now garnered awards in the ‘Inspirational Fiction’ (twice) and ‘Visionary Fiction’ categories in American competitions.

Read the reviews on Amazon at and let your friends and family know – it’s just for Easter.

One of the cool things about Kindle is being able to see what readers are highlighting as they read the book – here are the top 5 from the Amazon site:

* ‘If I had the wherewithal to do whatever I wanted, what would I like to do?’
* ‘The first question is: When you were young, what did you dream of, or fantasise about – before the world told you what you should or should not be or do?’
* ‘Of everything I have done to date, which tasks did I find truly satisfying?’
* ‘Happiness is a by-product of pursuing a meaningful purpose in life.’
* ‘Detaching, surrendering to your higher self and to the universe to look after the details of how it will unfold, will be perhaps your greatest challenge on The Quest.’

One thought on “My Book – Free for Easter – Healthier than cheap choc eggs!

  1. Lynne

    I have finished reading The Way of the Quest. Every page I read I felt like it was written for me. I was able to resonate with each of the characters in the story and found myself within the pages. From reading this book I have created my own business that will connect me to the alchemy in life that was within me all along. I now understand the purpose and life’s meaning that I was searching for. I have enjoyed being on the Quest of life.

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