Bulk orders of Dr George’s books for practitioners

A number of practitioners from my recent workshops have asked me about buying my book in bulk to use as a clinical handbook in working with people. I offer it to my patients on the basis they can return it when they have finished with it for a full refund (in three years I’ve not had one come back). It does speed up therapy as I ask them to read it and identify issues relevant to them (moreso in the second half that gets into sabotage issues). The first half saves therapy time as it explains why we need to not deprive ourselves of the foods we love – people often need to understand the research and evidence before they will believe.

Here is the link for online orders of bulk books for practitioners in Australia only (click here for online orders). The most economical order sizes are 9 books for anywhere in Australia and 20 books for those within courier distance from Brisbane (in each case P&H is $15).