Upcoming Keynote – Motivation & Values, Meaning & Happiness

I been asked to give some background to my upcoming presentation on 28 April. here is the excerpt I have provided to the conference organiser:

Motivation & Values, Meaning & Happiness: Future directions after a decade in weight loss therapy.
This talk will briefly review the key precepts behind Dr Blair-West’s psychodietetics and the underlying restraint theory. It will then cover the issue of ‘motivational fatigue’ with a focus on the role of exercise and recent research findings. Finally, he will look at the relationship between weight loss, motivation, values and meaning and how this led to his third book The Way of The Quest. Dr Blair-West will draw upon the core learnings that have come from his psychotherapy with those grappling with obesity from the last decade.

If you are interested in attending here’s the link again. 


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