For those of you who like a good weight loss plan!

MenuPlanBook_Left_Web-1One thing I’m not too good at is detail – drives my wife nuts – because she wants the detail on my plans for a holiday/project/saving the world and I’m not so interested in that end of it all.

I’m more of a big picture person, but because I know she will look out for the detail, I worry even less about it, driving her more nuts! (Paradoxically, the one area of detail that I even outrank my wife on is drilling down on research design and findings.)

So I don’t do detail when it comes to what to eat – I’m much more interested in teaching the underlying principles.

But, people do ask me – what should I actually eat? So, let me introduce you to Amanda Clark.

Amanda is my favourite dietitian in the whole wide world – we have worked on several projects together over many years now (and I’m sure I’ve driven her a bit nuts too). Anyway enough about nuts, lets move onto other food groups and Amanda’s latest publication. Amanda has followed my work closely from the beginning and has incorporated it into her work. In particular, she ‘gets’ the fullness of avoiding deprivation in a weight loss program.

Amanda is the Portion Perfection Queen – teaching us all with her wonderful first book – Portion Perfection – what the right portion really looks like.

So I’m stoked to be able to share with you her latest program which goes nicely where I don’t – i.e. what to actually eat.

The Portion Perfection approach takes a longterm approach to weight control, allowing you to continue to eat the foods you’ve always loved in the right portion size and frequency and recognises the value of enjoyment. The new 4 Week Weight Loss Menu Plan provides a nutritionally balanced menu plan in 3 different calorie levels to suit all family members along with all the recipes required to bring it to life.

The book works on it’s own or combines perfectly with the Portion Perfection books, portion plates and bowls for ultimate flexibility – the key to sustained weight loss.

Click here to look at all her clever innovative offerings as well as her latest 4 week plan.


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