Technology finally comes to the weight loss party!

Kitchen Safe
It is not often that I see things come along in the technology space that are of real value in assisting weight loss, but this is way cool! Creating powerful pause points is an important part of developing the ability to eat the foods you love without losing control and breaking into a binge.

The Kitchen Safe is a time-locked container that you put your most ‘dangerous’ food into and set the time until you can next access it. For most people I find that they need to eat the snack foods they love every second day or so. This way you take out two choc chip biscuits – best time is morning tea (less drive to binge in the morning) – and immediately set the timer for 48 hours.

Buy the opaque version (same price $40) as the research shows we crave foods kept in clear containers more than in non-see through containers – yep – out of sight out of mind.

Finally, I love the idea of using it for things Kitchen Safe 2other than food i.e. cigarettes and … yep smartphones.

Here’s the link to the site (and no, there’s nothing in this for me) and the video is below

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