Weight Loss for Food Lovers arrives for Kindle!

The only problem was that I did not authorise it and have no agreement with them!  Amazon appear to be on the case though. The silver lining, was the great review it had received. A New Yorker loses 32 lbs (14.5kg) just from reading my book! Here’s the full review:

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars Common sense, failure-proof, weightloss guide, March 20, 2009

By ‘working-professional mother (NY, NY)

I downloaded a sample of this and a number of other books on my kindle. I am mid to late 30s and trying to lose a substantial amount of weight and unquestionably, a foodie. Of all the books I sampled, this was the only one I bought the full version and highly recommend it to anyone that is thinking of going on a diet, looking for additional motivation on a diet, or looking to maintain a weight loss.

It is a great read, grounded in psychology, peppered with examples and anecdotes and is relateable throughout. The basic premise is that denying yourself the foods that you can’t live without will doom your weightloss plans to failure which is why most diets fail.

The good Dr provides a logical and simple to follow means of including these foods in your plan while still aiming for weight loss.

Dr Blair-West is a psychotherapist and so a good part of the book explores the different drives behind weight gain and also loss. I am someone who spend most of my life lean and gained my weight in the past 5 years. I don’t have poor self-image and don’t eat for depression. And among the different chapters, I did identify my drivers both for gain and loss.

And it does work. I’ve lost 32 lbs so far and am halfway there. And for the first time ever, I fell off the wagon for one day and managed to get straight back on. This is nothing short of true success for me.

Thanks Dr B-W.