My Christmas Gift to You (I really hope you like it)

love yourselfChoosing a gift for you is difficult – mainly because I don’t know you that well. But I’m hoping that if you are following me on my blogsite you will like this. It’s a little embarrassing to admit this to you, but let me explain … Have you ever been given a present and then decided you didn’t really want it and then given it to someone else? I know I have. Indeed, I know many people who have.

I imagine there is a lot of ‘stuff’ that remains in never-ending ‘gift status’ as these poor, abandoned, little things circulate from you to your brother/sister-in-law or that aunt you’re not that close to. I know for certain there is a small crystal ice bucket doing the rounds … Then there’s the neighbour who suddenly and unilaterally decides they want to make you feel bad by giving you a Xmas present for no good reason other than you have surprisingly similar taste in real estate. You excuse yourself to go to the bathroom and then run off to find what present you were recently given that you can hurriedly rewrap, and hand over with, ‘That’s so strange because I was thinking of you too recently and …’

And then it all catches up with you when you unwittingly give ‘the present’ to the person who gave it to you the Xmas before last!! You know there is something desperately wrong because, as they open it, they are not moving their face into that ‘even-though-I-don’t-really-need-want-or-like-this-I-will-do-the-appreciation-play-along’ facial expression. Instead, the expression is that of a growing awareness that not only did you not like their present, you did not value the relationship enough to at least place it at the back of your unwanted presents cupboard. Inexorably, their mind is moving towards the inevitable accompanying truth that neither did you care about them enough to go out and spend some time and money getting them something they didn’t want! Oh the joys of gift giving!

So the embarrassing thing about my gift to you is that it was given to me by one of my patients ‘graduating’ from group therapy. The difference here is that I, and everyone in the group, loved it. I hope you do to. (And I will be extra embarrassed if you have already been given it!) Click here to receive your gift of love – 21st century style! I have updated it slightly to ensure it is ‘technically’ correct from a therapeutic perspective.

Have a great time with friends and family over Christmas and New Year and may 2014 bring you joy, health, prosperity and love.

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