When a flower doesn’t bloom …

When a flower doesn't bloomHave you bloomed? Are you blooming? If you have children – are they blooming? What I love about this quote is that it applies to so many situations while at the same time getting us to consider the way we set up the world around us (and the people in our world).

Of course, as authors of our life we need to re-visit what we need to fix within ourselves, but not always …

In your relationship, how much fun and enjoyment are you having? We know that the biggest difference between broken relationships and great ones is not the amount of negative interactions – the frequency is almost the same (although in great relationships it is de-escalated earlier). No, the difference is the amount of fun being had.

For your best work, how have you set up your work environment to be light, airy and inspiring? With weight loss, it gets us to think about what food is in our house and who we spend time with around food.

As authors of our lives, we take responsibility for our – life but that includes our environment.

There is no greater application of this message than for those of us who are parents. Children are our flowers. If they are not blooming let’s look around them, not at them.

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