A one page healthy eating plan

Recently Lulu wrote to me saying:

I have just finished reading Weight Loss for Food Lovers. I found that overall the methods that the book outlines have made an enormous impact on the way that i feel about and perceive my eating habits. Now that i have finished the book however, i feel that i am still lost in terms of knowing what foods i can eat freely and which ones i need to be careful with. Although the table at the end of the book gives a guide to eating based on Glycemic load, it does not incorporate the consideration of fats.

Please help!

Lulu is quite right, my book does not provide dietary details – it’s the book you read before you go on a medically sound weight loss plan – I recommend two in my book The Low GI Diet and the CSIRO Diet, or visit a recommended dietitian – here is a link to the one’s I have trained: approved dietitians. My book’s focus is on how deprivation of the foods we love will ultimately cause us to crash any weight loss plan. The only reason that I do talk about GL is to help people make sense of carbohydrates, which are now contributing to obesity much more than fat intake is. Most people know which are the healthier fats and lower fat foods, but they’re much more confused about carbs and GL is a great tool for making sense of this.

In my book I do go into some detail about how and when to eat the more fattening foods you love – both snacks and meals – around these times we need to eat in a healthy way. If you would like a brief (one page) overview of what I advise my patients to eat the rest of the time, click here.