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Thank you for taking the time to subscribe to my blogsite. In this world of information inundation it is no small thing to sign up for even more! I try to not abuse your trust by only blogging when I think it’s of interest – but I need to get to know you better. I want to make sure that I’m writing about what you want to hear. Can you please take 3 minutes – longer if you would like – to give me a few words on what you would like to see more of (or less of) on this site. I want to make sure, as much as possible that what I’m sharing is of relevance and interest to you. Were there any articles that stand out in your memory, that you would like me to elaborate on?

Just drop some words into the ‘Leave a Reply’ box below (if it is not open in your browser then click in this post’s title i.e. ‘I would like …’ to open it on it’s own page). All the best … GBW

13 thoughts on “I would like to hear from you

  1. Joanne

    Hi George,

    I loved the surfing blog recently. I would like to see more on purpose and the daily manifestation of joy.

    Cheers Joanne

  2. Vicki

    I print off some of your blogs and share them with clients. Anything about fighting ‘urges’ and client comments about how hard it is to change behaviour is useful and helps people to see that they are not alone.

  3. Tanja

    Dear George
    I LOVE your blog – don’t change it too much. As a matter of fact please write more often. I like the practical tips and applications of your knowledge, as well as your learnings and insights.

  4. Marjorie

    I really appreciate hearing your informed opinion on how to deal with many of the problems that we human beings have to solve. They come from a perspective that many of us don’t have the opportunity of hearing from in the ordinary way.

  5. chris

    Always love to see a new blog in my emails from you George,we all need reminders to be “mindful” about lots of things in our lives and always apprecite your insightful words into the human condition and i also pass them on to my clients in need. Keep up the good work please!
    Merry xmas to all, stay safe!

  6. Mel Haynes

    Just wanted to say thanks for this weekends’ workshop – immensely valuable. You are a great presenter and it was a pleasure spending the weekend listening to your insights. I strongly recommend anyone who is in the industry to attend one of the workshops. Just subscribed to the blog. Thanks again.

  7. Cecelia

    Thank you for the book. I came across your book in the library and I liked it so much I bought a copy. Have lost 12 kilos recently. I feel great. Sometimes I dip into your book and land on a funny comment and it is great. I have a bit of a laugh. Something’s working alright.

  8. Cecelia

    Dr. George
    what a terrific blog re the God of work; I have learned this sort of wisdom the long way round; I really appreciate this information at this time, thank you

  9. Catherine

    I am new to your blog and your clinic has been recommended to me… I have read a few of your blogs and I wonder how I can apply mindfulness and meaning to my life when I am tormented by a self destructive suicide ideation. I have read Victor Frankl’s book and while impressed I struggle to apply the principles. I found your synopsis of his work easy to read and understand. I look forward to finding out more about your book too.

  10. Dr George Blair-West Post author

    Hi Catherine – thanks for your feedback. Before you look at applying mindfulness, or at least at the same time, you really need to deal with the self-destructive thoughts you describe. You really need to find psychologist or psychiatrist as this problem requires professional help. Speak to your GP or go to the Australian Psychological Society website to find an appropriate psychologist here’s the APS link All the best.

  11. Cindy

    I read your book as it is recommended by the weight loss program I’m on. This has been great – I have lost 17kg!
    I would like to see more on self-sabotage, as this spills over into other areas of life as well as weight management.

  12. Kerri Handley

    Hi George,
    I read your blog often and even go back at times to re read articles that I have found particularly relevant to me. I have just read your “Magic Wand” article and wanted to let you know that I have begun to use MR’s recently, again, and I am having some success this time round. I think mainly because I am much healthier now and ready mentally to do it. I’ve lost 12kgs since March last year. I’m also walking more than before. Not strenuous exercise…because exercise and I don’t get along very well…but just incorporating more general walking into my daily life. It seems to have made a bit of a difference, especially to how I feel about myself. I’m also going out more so that has given me an added incentive to get the weight off. I just have to keep on track this time, but so far so good, and I’m very positive about the future. Scaring men off has always been my reason for keeping my weight carefully wrapped around me I’m not doing it to attract a partner… as you have pointed out, that hasn’t worked for me and it’s still not working for me, so there’s no benefit to be fat for that reason!!! I’m very interested in hearing more about the device you mention in this article as an alternative to surgery. Look forward to your next blog.

  13. Lynne

    Hi George I have read your book The Way of the Quest. I would like to thank you as I have found my quest in life. I have created my own business as a result of reading the book. The business is called Harmonious connections. I use a computer based program to connect the mind and body to create harmonious connections. I was able to resonate with each of the characters in the book and found myself within the pages. I have finally discovered what true Alchemy represents and how when connecting with our purpose in life. It brings pure joy. Thank you so much.

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