May I ask a favour?

I recently made Weight Loss for Food Lovers available on Kindle and then more recently on the Amazon Kindle Owners’ eBook Lending Library. Could I ask a favour of those of you who have read my book? Could I ask you to put a brief review up on Amazon ??? preferably favourable! ??? but say whatever you need to say! (Apparently it???s better to be talked about negatively than not at all.)

As I know this takes time and is not the most fun way you could spend your spare time, I am happy to send you two copies of our children???s book for your trouble. If you don???t have your own young kids, you may know some young families that do. This illustrated book is all about teaching children from a young age the critical task of learning to eat mindfully and the importance of getting them involved in food selection and preparation (and don???t forget there???s a song that goes with it on the website).

Click on this link here (Weight Loss for Food Lovers on Amazon) and scroll down to the ‘Create your own review’ button. Just email me (see the bottom of your email notification ??? or post a comment to this post) giving us the name you put beside the review, include your delivery address and we will pop them in the mail to you.

Thanking some of you in advance!

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