The ‘Taste with your face’ song just arrived!!

Our children’s book has been a little while coming and while it will be a little longer before it is in stores (you can order your advance copy by clicking here) what we are really excited about is the song! Two really talented people – singer Jenny Wilson and musician Sean Peter – have just sent us their first cut of the Taste with your face song. One of the big issues for adults is that we ‘forget’ how to eat mindfully and savour our food – this is what the song is all about. While kids are much better at being present in the moment than us adults, we need to make sure that we don’t let them lose this wonderful skill. Mind you, while kids are better than adults at being present-centred, they also need help to keep focussed! Click here to have a listen:  The Taste with your face song. Please do us a favour and give us your feedback by clicking on ???Comments??? below. If your computer has problems playing it then you can right click on it and first save it to your computer (e.g. to Desktop) and then play it from there.

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