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Who is Dr George Blair-West?

Dr George Blair-West is an author, medical doctor, psychiatrist and the President of the Obesity Prevention and Treatment Society. His bestselling book Weight Loss for Food Lovers: Understanding our minds and why we sabotage our weight loss was the first book to comprehensively review the research into Restraint Theory, the correlates of sustained weight loss and the psychology of exercise and then formulate the clinical application of these and other psychological findings into patient care.

Weight Loss for Food Lovers is now published in every English speaking country in the world and has been translated into Dutch and Chinese. This was followed by a children’s book (and a song! – here’s the link) co-authored with his wife, Penny, a clinical psychologist.

His third book THE WAY OF THE QUEST released in 2012 is a “self-help novel” set in the time of Queen Elizabeth. It is all about the importance of finding one’s meaning and purpose in life as seen through the eyes of young man and his adventures on Mont St Michel. The book is designed to help people develop their self-confidence through showing them how to find what they are passionate about and how to make sense of their particular life.

Dr Blair-West’s fourth book, due out later in 2014 is built around his work as a relationship therapist. His work in this field for 25 years (which predates his interest in the psychology of weight loss by 15 years!) has led him to help single people focus on finding a healthy relationship at the outset. As always prevention is better than cure and people need to better understand the process of attraction and how to find a partner who will bring out the best in them.